micro niche blog || Types of blogger

Hello and welcome back to blogearner.xyz today in my blog . i will give you information about how to make  free blog  or blog websites.  so read this full artical for blogging information about  best free blog sites .

so, first you need to think in which topic i will write better and informative to visiter so i will give you some category so category is shown below

micro niche blog || Types of blogger

  • Personal blog
  • Science blogs
  • Beauty blogger
  • Lifestyle blog
  • Photography blog
  • Instagram blogger
  • Google webmaster blog
  • Hindi blog
  • Live blog
  • Seo blog
  • Technology blogs
  • Makeup blog
  • Health blog
  • Guest blogging
  • Blog marketing
  • Book blogs
  • Online blog
  • Writing blogs
  • Guest post
  • Divi blog
  • Blogging for money
  • Weebly blog
  • Top blogs
  • Youtube blog
  • Google cloud blog
  • Tech blogs
This are some category for you if you are write some blog on above topic you website rank faster and you will earn money from blog post. their are some free blog sites which provide you free blogging on internet.google blog ,wix blog are best free blogging platform. in you will make you website for free and earn money.

blogger is a free website where you can make your website for free in this you will search for blogger templates they provide you . you only need blog writing skill so you can earn money from adsense 

blogging for beginners is so easy in blogger. blogger is a best blog sites. famous bloggers also start with blogger in past. so start a blog for free and develope your skill in this line. i am also a blogger and i have site like this i will also earn money from adsense and i will work hard every day so i will learn new every day and make money online. in starting day is not easy for new blogger so give time to this filed and set in this field so you can earn more money from blogger every day.   

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