how to increase traffic to your website || how to get traffic to your website

how to increase traffic to your website || how to get traffic to your website

Hello guys, welcome back to my site in today blog i will give you information about how to increase traffic to your website.  so read full blog for proper information in you don't read full you don't get clear idea about how to get traffic to your website.

In this time we easily get adsense approvel but the biggest problem is we not get proper traffic to earn money so in this blog i will give you best tips so you can earn more money from google adsense so, let's  start this blog and i will give you three best network for increase traffic you only work hard in this and you will get more traffic and earn more money everyday.

We have two option one is organic and second one is social so in this blog i give you three social platform for increase social traffic this is working trick 

1. Facebook 

You all know about facebook friend is also helpfull for us. so you can find your content group and join group so you can past your website link their. if some one like your content so this person visit your website daily and you earn more money daily.

Second way is you give facebook ads. facebook ads is very chepest and give high traffic to your website if user interested in your website they can visit your website every day so first you make content attractive so user read your full blog

2. Pinterest

The second is Pinterest this website also give you a more traffic every day and this website use all over the world so you have adsense account so you will earn more cpc from their country

Basically this is a photo website in this you can make unique photos so user is like your phptos so user visit your website and also google share your content when some one search for related your content

3. Quora

The Third one is this is a best social network for giving more traffic to your website mostly people know about this website but if any one don't no i will tell you Quora is the Questions
answer site in this people ask a question and if it is releted to your content you will ans you post and give you post link below so people visit your website and get ans.

This Are the best three social media platform where you can get more traffic using some small work so in this blog we will talk about how to increase traffic to your website. so this is it guys if you want to watch my youtube video about this i will give you link below.

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